Plusfloor - Truegrain vinyl flooring

Plusfloor is more than just vinyl brand.

As part of the Havwoods Group, with a history of wood flooring dating back more than 40 years, we have grown to love the character of nature in a real wooden floor.  The grain, colour, knots and shakes, never fail to impress and bring an interior to life.  This is why the Plusfloor vinyl looks so real!  We have carefully created colours that truly represent and look like a real wood floor, finished with a 'truegrain' lacquer.  We have worked hard with designers, architects and end users to design the perfect and latest colours.  The lacquer system follows the image on the board, so you can actually feel the knots and grain.

A customer driver brand, we are constantly striving for perfection, on projects large and small. Notable fittings include Pret a Manger, Costa and Brigit's Bakery, among others.



Plusfloor TrueGrain Vinyl Planks don't just look like natural wood, they feel like natural wood too. That's because the textured finish follows the grain pattern precisely with the same grooves, lines and knots you would find in a real hardwood floor.

But there is more to Plusfloor than fabulous good looks, for one thing, it's more moisture-resistant, which is ideal for kitchens of bathrooms where spills and splashed tend to come with the territory. Plusfloor also stands up well to scratches and stains, so you won't have to worry about the floor being used as a Grand Prix circuit for toy cars, or if someone accidentally knocks over a glass of red wine.

As well as being reassuringly tough, a Plusfloor true grain floor has a softer surface than real wood, making it warm to touch, quiet, and easy on the feet. 

Our stunning designs make it possible for you to create beautiful flooring for every space. From light to dark, clean or rustic, we have a choice of colours and textures to suite every taste. We understand that a floor has to be more than just practical, it has to provide the perfect backdrop to your style.

Easy to maintain and clean, all it takes is a regular sweep with a brush and the occasional wipe with a mop to keep it looking as good as new.