A Different Space - Dawnvale Meets Plusfloor

Suburban Green - PLF4262GD Silvery Clay

With Manchester being described as the Capital of the north, with it's indie bar and restaurant scene taking off in a huge way; with beautiful eateries, bars and cafes popping up all across the city.

A different way of thinking by Dawnvale

A different way of thinking by Dawnvale

When interior design behemoth Dawnvale were contracted to create a stunning interior for a new Wilmslow restaurant, they settled on Plusfloor's Glue Down to create a statement from the moment the customer walks in, to the moment they leave.

Fully using the durability of the plank, the design team at Dawnvale planned for a beautiful oversized herringbone, making the floor an asset to the interior space, creating a backdrop on which to design the space.

matt alpin